Signature book: Your comments.

Bill Jones ( Canadá ):

My wife and I recently spent some weeks in Spain, during which time I had the privilege to try playing several hand-made classical guitars in several shops throughout Spain. I had been aware of Guitarras Geronimo Mateos from reviews on the internet. For a few weeks I exchanged emails with Federico (Geronimo's son and the other luthier in the shop), ultimately arranging for a visit to his shop when we got to Madrid. Federico was very welcoming and truthful via the emails, answering several of my questions. When we finally did visit his shop, Federico was most generous and gracious with his time as we spent most of the morning with him. Upon playing the two completed Aranjuez model guitars he had at the shop, I fell in love with the cedar topped instrument. It just felt so much better than the other instruments I had previously tried. Its beautiful French Polish finish and the smell of real wood, and the workmanship, make this a piece of art. It is totally hand made by the father and son team in their shop. It has a rich tone (timbre) and seems to project this sound beautifully. The thin neck and set-up give the instrument a very comfortable feel. The tone is balanced throughout the high and low registers. A single note will continue to sustain as other parts of a piece are played. This is truly a concert grade instrument and it makes my other studio grade guitar sound flat by comparison. My guitar instructor (also a luthier) has now played the instrument and feels it is very well made, completely hand made, and very good value.

I love this instrument! I also feel I have made a new friend in Federico. The morning spent in his shop and the purchase of this fine instrument was truly a highlight of our trip to Spain. A beautiful guitar, a beautiful shop, and beautiful people. Highly recommended. 09-05-2018

Fabrice RANWEZ ( Belgium ):

Ce n´est pas la première fois que je commande une guitare dan cette entreprise familliale. Geronimo et Federico sont des Luthiers d´exception. Très beau travail, ils mon fabriqué une guitare unique sur mesure, une 7 cordes. Ils façonnent de magnifiques instruments qui ont vraiment une âme. Ils font d´un rêve une réalité, de plus, ce qui nénlève rien à leur talent ils sont chaleureux, sympathiques et très professionnel.

Je les recommandent à tous les amoureux et les passionnés de la guitare. 06/03/2018

Daniel López ( España ):

Hace apenas dos semanas fui a recoger mi guitarra manoucge ¨modelo Jazz C¨, y porqué no admitirlo, el hecho de no haber probado ninguna Mateos, me generó las clásicas dudas sobre si al final valdría la pena gastarse el dinero que vale. Una vez cogí la guitarra en el mismo taller, estas dudas se disiparon, tanto el aspecto como el sonido de la guitarra son finísimos,la compensación entre graves y agudos, la definición de cada nota, el rango de dinámicas y la potente y definida proyección ( junto a un sonido pleno y meloso cuando es necesario ) están en su máxima calidad. Vamos, que me he enamorado del instrumento.

Durante la contrucción de la guitarra, el feedback de Federico fue más que positivo,me envió fotos del proceso de construcción y se mostró receptivo a aclararme cuqluier duda. Cuando fui a buscar la guitarra, el buen rollo de Gerónimo, nos hizo sentir más que cómodos.

¡¡Os doy las gracias y os deseo lo mejor!! 17/07/2017

Phil Morris ( United Kingdom ):

Having met the Family at Samois afew years ago and comparing their guitars with others, I promised miself one for my 60th Birthday. So this March we went to Madrid to pick up my Jazz B. It is a beautiful guitar in every way. It plays wonderfully and my playing has improved already. The sound is full, bright yet warm, and loud. And the pickup is Brillant!! I couldn´t be more impressed and pleased. And the family are great people too!! 14/04/2017

Ram M ( Israel ):

I Received the "Toledo" Classical Guitar a month ago. After more than 50 hours playing: a clear,bright sound, crisp and quite dry with a surprisingly long sustain. I did not expect such a great quality for this price; the one major advantage is the balance that drive you to play in accuracy, without any surprise on each polar of the scale.

I Do not know how the Mateos produce this good loudness while the guitar is perfectly balance. The guitar had a great leap after 20-30 hours of playing and I can feel it´s only the beginning, I will update again in 3-4 months as I expect it will continue to develop. Thank you! 31/03/2017

Samuel Blanco ( San José,CA, Estados Unidos ):

Just wanted to let you know the JEREZ arrived today safe and it sounds fantastic!! I just got home from work and I´m now sitting down in my little ¨studio" sipping my 30 year Centenario Rum enjoying your wonderful creation.

Words cannot express how beautiful the work have done is. The guitar is amazing, it´s a shame that I am such a beginner and I dont have all the skills to show how great she plays. It sounds amazing, I was showing off at work to my friends and they fell in love with your work and the quality of the craftsmanship.

The guitar certainly motivates me to continue to practice until one day I can do it justice.

Muchas gracias por todo! 12/01/2017

Luis Enrique Olejua ( Medellín, Colombia ):

Mientras cumplo mi promesa, puedo decir amigos míos, que la GRANAINA llegó perfecta a casa y su sonido es magistral. Muchas gracias, les mando un saludo y espero disfruten las fiestas venideras. Pronto lo prometido, estamos en contacto. Excelente instrumento! 13/12/2016

Luis Ángel Sabroso ( Spain ):

Acabo de comprar una guitarra flamenca modelo EMILIA y suena como los ángeles. Cada día mejor y es ligera como una pluma. Gran trabajo a un gran precio y un trato exquisito y profesional. He tenido varias guitarras pero ésta Geronimo Mateos es la mejor! 01/11/2016

Epameinondas Papamichail ( Greece ):

20 days ago I received my SEGOVIA classical guitar, with gomalaca polish on spruce top and polyurethane the rest of it. The guitar has an adjustable truss rod. The guitar is beautiful, with balanced tone and round clear and crispy sound. The neck is very confortable. The Spruce top is developing day by day. It´s a guitar with hand made qualities. The price is reasonable and the service of Mateos family was excellent. 09/10/2016

Adrian Hunter ( Scotland ):

I´m delighted with my SEGOVIA classical guitar. The instrument is beautifully balanced across all registers, with excellent treble sustain and firm overtones throughout the range. The spruce top has opened up nicely as the guitar has settled: it now has a very pleasing combination of warmth and clarity. Federico and Geronimo are first-class luthiers making excellent instruments at affordable prices. I couldn´t be happier with my choice! 16/07/2016

Anne-Marie Smart ( USA ):

I just received my Audrey model from Mateos, and it is everything I had hoped it would be and better!! The tone is absolutely gorgeous. It's rich, full, responsive, strong and sensitive. It also plays very smoothly and well. It even came with a pick up that Mateos made/installed himself! I've purchased/tried out several different high end pickups, and have never been satisfied with them. This one captures the beautiful tone of the Audrey guitar very well and preserves the natural authenticity of the sound while amplifying. Additionally, the guitar is a beautiful work of art in itself- from the pearl tuning pegs, to the golden engraving of my initials on the tailpiece. I'm so happy to have decided on a Mateos guitar- it's the best decision I possibly could have made! Thank you again Mateos family!! 13/04/2016

Franz Morales ( Philippines ):

One of the best luthiers and people Ihav ever encountered! Been saving up for my Jazz B for a couple of years,and the whole time Federico was there to guide me. When my guitar was being built, they sent photos and updated me regulary. Everything I wanted done they did, and then some. This will be my guitar for life now,after more than 20 years of playing, I´ve found the one guitar for me. Thank you Federico and Geronimo. Everyone who has seen,played and heared my Jazz B here in Philippines marvel at how beautiful it looks and sounds! If Iwere to have another guitar made, it would still be a MATEOS! :) 05/02/2016

Federico Salcedo ( Argentina):

Cuando tomé mi guitarra Jazz "B" por primera vez en mis manos pude disfrutar de un sonido puro,con volumen y cuerpo. Cada nota suena bien; nada que ajustar. Gran definición tanto en graves como en agudos. Una Joya,la artesanía es increíble, uno no puede dejar de mirarla por todos lados; el barniz al aceite en mi caso, le otorga una personalidad a la antigua casi mística. Por último, la siempre buena disposición de Federico Mateos para con cualquier duda fue una tranquilidad. Estoy muy feliz de haber elegido a Geronimo Y Federico Mateos como los hacedores de mi guitarra!! GRACIAS !! 23/06/2015

Albert Guillén i Fabregas ( Barcelona,Spain):

I´m delighted with the new arrival of a Sarah guitar. It is a truly stunning and lovely instrument! Very confortable to play, great sound and sustain. Federico Mateos kept me posted with many photos and some videos of the final stages of the building process, and this made it even more special. Thanks a lot! 23/06/2015

Paul Miller ( Oropesa del Mar,Spain):

Due to the generosity of the Mateos family I was able to buy a refurnished Audrey model at a very reasonale price, it is a ceder and birdseye maple model, it has an unbeliveable volume and sustain and a warm and slightly bass tone,all together a beautiful guitar and I am proud to own it. 21/03/2015

Renzo Kou ( Lima,Perú ):

Luego de leer críticas favorables decidí hacer mi pedido desde Perú. Tengo el modelo Audrey desde hace un mes y no podría estar más contento,luce y suena genial,la recomiendo altamente. Por otro lado,el servicio y la atención brindada por la familia Mateos fue excelente,me mantuvieron informado a lo largo de todo el proceso y atendieron todas mis consultas con mucha amabilidad. Espero que esta guitarra me acompañe por muchos años. ¡Mucho éxito y sigan con el buen trabajo! 06/11/2014

Kari Pääkkönen ( Nurmes,Finland ):

I bought a month ago your Audrey model (number 4563);I wanna thank you for this great guitar,it´s great building and very fine sounding instrument, Ilike it very much. I´m not professional player, but I have owned many gypsy guitar( Eimers, Le Voi, AJL, Gitane ) and this is the best I have been. Many thanks and best greetings to all of you. I will tell to all my friends of this beautiful Audrey 24/10/2014

Leo Forde(Scottland):

I have been playing the Meteos Audrey model for almost a year and it is a joy to play. I have found it be resonant, balanced and versatile. The guitar responds really well dynamically, across it's range and I am comfortable travelling with it. In the matter of building a new bridge, Federico showed great consideration and skill in building what I had hoped for and delivering it the following day! Thanks for everything, Mateos family! 03/10/2014

Alexandros Koutroulalaris ( Greece):

I´ve just got the Audrey Model for 1800 €, it´s the best guitar you can find. I´m very satisfied, I recommend you the Mateos guitars, he makes very good instruments. Keep working. 25/06/2014

Xavier Milià ( Spain ):

Sólo puedo decir que estoy encantado con mi recién llegada Gerónimo Mateos modelo "Montmartre".Sonido auténtico,elegante, con caracter y equilibrado. Una auténtica delicia tanto para los oídos como para el tacto y la vista. Mi enhorabuena a Gerónimo & Co.  05/06/2014

Patrice Faure ( France ):

Après deux très agréables mois d'échanges avec Federico et 75 photos...j'ai reçu ma Django personnalisée (Mécaniques, cordier, plaque ébène, vernis intérieur...)... Elle correspond parfaitement à la manouche que je souhaitais ! Elle est vraiment superbe, sonne merveilleusement était accompagnée, dans son magnifique étui, de quelques cadeaux ! Encore merci à vous !!! (C'est la plus belle!)  02/06/2014


Antoni Pujol ( Spain ):

Yo tengo una de cierta antigüedad. Unos 10 años. Me siento en cierta forma como un pionero privilegiado. Aunque no le hace ninguna falta no estará de más una puesta a punto en su momento por parte del creador, más que nada por "heriditas de guerra" producidas por un servidor que a veces ando algo despistao y alguna ralladita le ha caído, pero, vaya, como en lo fundamental todo funciona, ya se sabe, nunca viene bien desprenderse de ella... Algun dia le tocará, pero de momento lo único que hace es mejorar el sonido cual buen vino añejo en barrica guardado en bodega... Solo que en este caso la botella ya está abierta y se va disfrutando su sabor a tragos...  30/05/2014


Ulrich Hackenbruch ( Germany ):

I am playing a Audrey, bought it 1 1/2 years ago. Very fine instrument with lots of character. Very warm tone, because of the cedar top I suppose. Had a Gitane before, but the Mateos told me the difference between Europe and made in China. Only the action could be a bit lower but I presume it adds to the sound the way it is, so I did not change it and got used to it. 30/05/2014