Geronimo Mateos´s workshop was born from the passion for guitars and initially only classic guitars were made.

In a second stage, we started making flamenco guitars ("black" & "white" models) which had a great succes in the US, France and UK markets.

We started making Selmer guitars after the restoration of the original Selmer nº 452 which gave us the chance to check all the dimensions and measures. We started the production of replicas of Selmer with the name of "Gallato".

From the beginning, Mr Angelo Debarre wanted to play one of our guitars and soon we made the Angelo Debarre model;

soon after Tchavolo Schmitt model were also made. Both, Angelo and Tchavolo, made a record called "Memoires" with our guitars ,dedicated to Django Reinhardt.

Geronimo Mateos made the "Gallato" guitars between 2002 and 2004; after this he started making his own range of guitars, under the name of Geronimo Mateos e Hijos.

All our guitars have their label which guarantee the quality and authenticity of the instrument as well as guarantee that it´s handcrafted.

We don´t have secrets in our workshop so we are always happy to welcome everyone who wants to know more about lutheria. Below you will find the construction process of classic and jazz guitars.

Interview of the Luthier Geronimo Mateos ( English Subtitles )